Feeling excited to move in to a Live to Grow housing? Wonder when you can get your key? Well then, you’ve come to the right place. Find answers to most of your questions here.

Parents’ section

Through our concept Live to Grow, we at ByggVesta make our most to make the people who live in our student apartments feel safe, happy and part of a community. To do that, we have student ambassadors in every house, who work part time at ByggVesta alongside with their own studies. The student ambassadors are a personal connection to ByggVesta as well as a link between neighbors. In addition, and unlike many other landlords, people who get a student apartment with us, keep their queue points. This gives them a better chance to get a regular rental apartment with us when they’ve finished their studies. Research shows that students who live close to campus reach better academic results, are happier and healthier, which is just what we want for our tenants.

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